Enhance the legal discovery process with a comprehensive video evidence management tool.

Strengthening the ability of public defenders to deliver justice via technological solutions.

Upload video and audio evidence

Upload body camera footage, interrogation videos, and jail calls up to 4 hours in length to our online portal.

Generate an automated transcription

Our service generates an automated transcription of the uploaded video evidence, notifying you upon completion.

Edit and export transcript

Use our interactive editor to edit, comment on, and export the generated transcript.

Over 80% of criminal cases involve video evidence.

There should be an easy way to store, process, and analyze it.

Speaker Recognition

We are able to automatically identify when different individuals are speaking in the video.

Accuracy Heat Map

The application indicates which transcribed phrases have low confidence scores, to assist with editing.

Timestamped Notes

Each note entry is timestamped to correspond to a specific point in the video.

Export File

Easily export the transcript as a well-formatted Word Document or JSON file for later use.

Video Clipping

Generate clips of video evidence by highlighting the relevant parts of transcript.

Edit Transcript

The online editor offers a seamless editing experience to modify any inaccuracies in the generated transcript

Itʼs a truly fantastic, functional tool for us.

Itʼs really the ability to analyze and digest video that weʼve been sorely lacking forever, and the problem was only getting worse until this came along.

Joel Simberg

Cook County Public Defenders Office

We are piloting our product at select public defense agencies across the country.

JusticeText is collaborating with offices in California, Michigan, Illinois, Minnesota, Louisiana, Texas, and New York.